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May 2, 2023

"Taxation is the price we pay for civilisation," as the saying goes. But what happens when the price tag keeps going up?

You may have thought you understood the friendly taxation system, until a new rule comes up that leaves you feeling like you've been sucker-punched. That's what recently happened when the government took away the tax efficiency of debt mutual funds and increased taxation. Suddenly, investors were left wondering how this would impact their investments and whether they needed to change their strategies.

In this episode of our podcast, Deepak and Shray delve into the conversation around the new taxation rules for debt funds. They ask the tough questions that many investors are likely asking themselves such as:

  • whether taxation should be a factor when investing in equities,
  • what to do with existing debt funds,
  • whether foreign investing is still exciting after all the taxes.

But it's not all doom and gloom. They also explore other investment options such as MLDs, Gold, Real Estate, Startups, AIFs, and ETFs.

Taxes are indeed taxing. But who knows, maybe someday Pink Floyd will come up with a new hit single titled "We don't need no TAXES." Until then, tune in to our podcast to stay informed and keep your investing game strong.

Don't miss out on the show notes and references for this episode, where you'll find timestamps for each topic covered. So grab a drink, relax, and join us as we explore the fascinating and ever-changing world of investing and taxation.

Show Notes & References

Click here for the Google Sheet

8:50 Now all debt instruments are taxed similarly, isn't it now a fair system?

18:45 What should I do with my existing debt funds?

27:00 Should taxation be a factor while investing in equities?

33:00 In stocks, should you sell underperforming stocks and move to other stocks?

36:00 What about  MLDs, Gold & Real Estate.

53:00 How investments in startups are taxed?

56:00 What about AIFs and ETFs?

1:05:30 Is foreign investing still exciting after all the taxes?

1:09:00 Final thoughts