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Jan 4, 2022

On today's show, Shray asks Deepak about how to make sense of the past two years in the markets, macroeconomics, and the seeming irrationality of it all. They also talk about how to look at the year ahead. 


  • 2021 bad year with all the lives lost, but it happened to be good for markets with the number of IPOs at an all-time high
  • NIFTY returned approximately 23% and has been positive for the 6th consecutive year
  • India being top-heavy, from the income distribution standpoint caused the kid of market outcomes we saw
  • Small firms got hit the most, and that may not be sustainable in the long run
  • Markets don't care about death and destruction for sure. But what moves the market?
  • We've normalized, letting go of our freedoms, and irrationality could be the new normal.
  • Inflation could actually be a function of supply than demand
  • If the market didn't go down in these pandemic years. How can we make any event-based predictions?
  • The boom in startup funding. Has equity become cheaper than debt?