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Sep 18, 2021

Episode 41 - Deepak sits down with returning guest Ruchir Kanakia, the founder of the insurance distribution company OneAssure to discuss our favorite insurance product - term insurance.


  • How term insurance works for you and the company that sells it to you
  • Debt or Dependents – the two reasons to buy term insurance
  • How Covid and the fact that a handful of reinsurers control everything has made your office insurance a bit less reliable – consider buying a personal one too
  • How much coverage is enough and how much the insurance company will give you
  • Why you should opt for the in person medical test
  • You’re tech or finance savvy but consider getting an agent or distributor if your dependents might not be
  • Common riders and why you should ignore them
  • How the claims process works and benefits of selecting a monthly or yearly premium payment

Click here for the full transcript.