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Mar 17, 2023

Things escalate and hit the fan very quickly in banking. It's fascinating to see how banks go belly-up for the same fundamental reasons but in an entirely unique way each time.

It's like being served the same romantic comedy story again and again with different actors, locations, and songs. But, these banking crisis stories are not as enjoyable and they hurt real people financially and emotionally.

In this episode, we discuss the crisis at Silicon Valley Bank.

How this seemingly robust, conservative, bank with $180 billion in deposits tumbled down in just a couple of days. All was good with the Silicon Valley Bank until, one day, it wasn't.

NO, there was no accounting scam. This isn't like Enron. 

NO, there wasn't any irresponsible speculative betting. This isn't like Lehman. 

This time it's a different story. But, with the same result. 

Listen in as Deepak and Shray tell you everything you need to know about the Silicon Valley Bank crisis: 

  • What actually happened? 
  • What could SVB have done differently starting a year ago?
  • Understand how rising interest rates affect the business of banking
  • What is going to happen next?
  • Lessons for the future

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