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Nov 8, 2023


If you are even a little active on social media, especially Twitter, you would have witnessed the exponential increase in tweets related to options trading. Today, we are are going to talk about that - Indian's going gaga over options trading.

Deepak & Shray, take a detailed look at this fascinating phenomenon and tell you all that you need to know - except telling you about an options strategy that always makes money no matter where the market goes.

In this episode, we delve into the history of options, the factors driving their growth, and the potential risks and rewards.

From the earlier days of Badla to the scaling of options trading post-2006, we witness a significant shift in the landscape. What was once a predominantly institutional activity has evolved into a market dominated by retail and proprietary investors.

Several factors contribute to the surge in options trading, including simplified Securities Transaction Tax (STT) structures, technological advancements, flat-rate brokerages, and increased retail participation. The introduction of weekly options has especially transformed the game, turning it into a more accessible yet speculative arena.

But, all this is not without risks of ruin. Deepak raises valid concerns about the potential downsides of increased options trading. He shares real stories and lessons, through real-life examples, about the impact of options trading on individuals.

We realise that this is the time when the fine line between responsible investing and excessive risk-taking becomes apparent, emphasising the need for education and awareness.

While options trading has its drawbacks, Deepak acknowledges its positive aspects, such as providing liquidity and offering potential returns for those well-versed in risk management. He emphasises the importance of using options wisely and understanding the odds.



00:00 Introduction and Disclaimer

01:26 History and growth of Options trading in India

07:55 What has contributed to this massive growth in Options trading?

27:17 Is there a problem with increasing Options volume? Will the government come in and do what it did to all those gaming firms?

35:16 How do people lose money in options?

48:33 Isn’t SEBI systematically reducing leverage?

50:30 How to not get suckered while trading Options in India?

1:02:11 What are the good uses of Options?

1:14:15 Where do you think Options trading will go from here?