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Jul 20, 2023

Our latest podcast episode is here, and it's all about exploring the different ways investors make money in the market.

From thrilling arbitrage strategies to the art of short-term trading, we'll cover it all in a language that even your neighbour's fish could understand (well, almost!).

But that's not all—our experts will take you on a journey through long-term fundamental investing and quantitative approaches too.

Expect some fascinating stories, like the infamous LTCM blow-up, and how best investors (& trades) made their fortunes. We'll also unravel the logic behind the elusive VC's hunt for 50x returns and how even "value stocks" need a dash of momentum.

So, whether you're an investing enthusiast or just curious about the market's mysterious ways, you won't want to miss this one.


00:38 What do you think about the new all-time high? How do you view different types of investing strategies in the market and how to make money from these strategies?

24:27 The problem with peoples expectations: When I say stock markets do 12%, people expect this to be linear.

27:00 Concept of Expectancy

33:29 Problem in arbitrage is competition, so you need to lever yourself up

38:21 Option volatility trading - sell options expiring in 2 days and make the decay

46:32 When VC wins they need to win huge

49:50 Nifty monthly returns - how do quant strategies do?

56:52 We have just hit all time high. Based on the past data, how long can this good time potentially last? Which one is your favourite investing strategy?

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