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Sep 2, 2019

Host Deepak Shenoy (CEO) and Aditya Jaiswal discuss investor queries in a new show - The Investor Wants to Know.

Topics discussed include passive investing, current NBFC scenario, slowdown in the auto sector, cooking up of books by companies, fundamental analysis, global recession, surge in gold prices, aviation industry.

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How do you see the investment horizon for different categories of MFs?

If you are looking for a horizon for investing, then it's not investing, it's a trade! Asset allocation metrics (large, mid and small caps) can shift, but horizon should be long term. Stay invested as long as you don't need the money!

What are your views on passive investing? Is it advisable to invest in small cap index funds as most of good performing stocks will become midcaps and non-performing midcaps will become large caps which might pull the returns down?

In India, one should look at the large caps because that is where the index funds will benefit the most. If you invest in small cap index, your best stocks are going to move out. Rather, one may look at the stocks which are actually leaving the small cap index.

How bad is the NBFC scenario?

Many of the NBFC's may lose their current structure- few will be taken over, few will be cut up into pieces and sold. Global P/E players are also keen on buying assets on discounts. None of NBFCs will go bust, since they have valuable assets. It will take another year for clarity to emerge.

How to find out if a company is cooking up it's books?

It is very difficult for a retail investor to dig up gold plated numbers, there is no one way. Retail investors should diversify, do not put more than 5-10% in one stock. It's not worth losing sleep over your investments!

What are your views on auto sector?

We are going through a time when people are not buying cars, at the same time, India is not at a stage where people who aspire to buy cars or bikes, have bought enough of them. China sells 16x more vehicles than India. This is not an unending cycle or death of auto industry.

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